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Identification of mutant gene for antibiotics resistance by using bioinformatics tools
Abu Feyisa* and Adugna Abdi
Department of Biotechnology, College of Biological and Chemical Engineering, P.O. Box, 16417, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

Bioinformatics analysis tools can enhance drug target identification and drug candidate screening and refinement and identify and condoling the mutant gene for antibiotic resistance. Identification of mutant genes for antibiotics resistance using bioinformatics tools is vital for understanding mechanisms and monitoring of mutant genes for antibiotics resistance. Antibiotic resistance has contributed immensely to the continuously growing concerns about the ineffective treatment against microbial infections. The bioinformatics tools play a key role in identifying and monitoring mutant genes for antibiotic resistance. Whole-genome sequencing is also useful to identify trends in antibiotic resistance, targeting the bacteria that are phenotypically sensitive but genotypically positive for a mutant gene for antibiotics resistance. The development and implementation of certain technologies such as whole-genome sequencing and, therefore the creation of national and international databases allowed bioinformatics to study the mutant gene for antibiotics resistance that allows fast, simplified, and accurate identification of the mutant gene for antimicrobial resistance. A web-based method, ResFinder uses BLAST for the identification of the mutant gene for antimicrobial resistance genes in whole-genome data. As input, the method can use both pre-assembled, complete, and partial genomes, and short sequence reads from four different sequencing platforms. A web server providing a convenient way of identifying mutant genes of antibiotic resistance in completely sequenced isolates was assigned. Therefore, Whole-genome sequencing-based bioinformatics tools (ResFinder (read-based), and Typewriter (BLAST-based) in terms of identification of the presence or absence of the mutant gene for antibiotics' resistance can be accessed at NCBI.

Keywords: Antibiotics resistance,Mutant genes,ResFinder,Whole-genome sequencing
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