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An Attempt to Overcome Dioxane Toxicity by Rabbits using Vitamin C
A. M. Abdelhamid*, Rehab F.S. A. Ismael and Manar A. Almnsy
Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Mansourah University,Egypt
*Corresponding author

In an experiment for 60 days, newly weaned male rabbits were fed diets either containing dioxane (3.2mg/Kg), dioxane (3.2mg/Kg) plus vitamin C (1g/Kg), or vitamin C (1g/Kg) alone comparing with the control diet without any additives. These dietary treatments were evaluated via general observations of the experimented rabbits, their growth performance, food utilization, digestibility coefficients, economic efficiency, slaughter test and flesh chemical composition. The obtained results revealed the negative effects of feeding rabbits the contaminated diets that were responsible for very bad appearance of the face, nose and eyes, stench smell (similar to that of the dioxane itself) of the rabbits and their feces as well as their flesh (during the chemical analysis of the flesh), moderate vertebrates cord malformation [the upper (cervical) part was twisted], smaller size and weight, weakness and unbalance, increased food and water consumption followed by lower food conversion and economic efficiency as well as boneless meat and protein contents of the carcasses. The addition of vitamin C did not prevent these negative effects (but, to some extent, may ameliorate). Hence, the avoidance of such contaminant, in foods and drinking water, must be recognized for good rearing of the very sensitive animals such as rabbits.

Keywords: Biochemical changes,Dioxane toxicity,Physio-nutritional symptoms,Rabbits,Vitamin C
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