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The research of Chuci plant and excavation of Chu cultural elements in China
Tian-zhi Gong, De-jian ZhangiD*
Yangtze University, College of Horticulture and Gardening, Jingzhou, Hubei 434020, China
*Corresponding author

With regards to Chuci plant, this study explore the Chu cultural connotation of plants in the park and the importance of planning, the distribution characteristics of Chuci plants to mining park, growth habit and cultural qualities, research of Chu plants in the park planning and design of cultural inheritance, continuation and development, the analysis summary of Chu cultural theme park planning and design methods. It can provide theoretical reference and reference for enhancing the Chu culture atmosphere of the park. In addition, this paper evaluates the Chu cultural elements of various plants in the planning and design of the park and their effects on the creation of cultural atmosphere in the park. Therefore, innovative suggestions are put forward in the planning and design of the park to create the park landscape with Chu culture characteristics, Chu culture connotation and Chu culture artistic conception.

Keywords: Chuci,Elements,Emotion,Plant culture,Plant images
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