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Evaluation of Toxicc Effects of Some Pesticides on Cat Fish (Clarias gariepinus)
Bolarinwa A. Ajanaku1, Falodun A. Emmanuel2 and Oyewole O. Nather3
1Davis College of Agriculture West Virginia University, USA
2Department of Science Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria
*Corresponding author

The present study was carried out to investigate the LC50 of four commonly used pesticides (DDT, Carbofuran, Endosulfan, Gramaxone) on the fresh water Clarias gariepinus and also examine the effect on its nutritive value. The LC50 values of pesticides at different period (24hrs-96hrs) ranges from DDT (0.0094-0.004ppm) Endosufan (0.4100-0.1800ppm), Carbofuran (0.1600-0.0800ppm) Gramaxone (0.1400-0.0700ppm) and the nutritive value of the cat fish decreased tremendously on the addition of toxicants which indicated biochemical alteration. The organophosphate, Endolsufan, was found least toxic: (96 h LC 500.118 ppm) EHK1 the Gramoxone, bipyridilium compound (Paraquat Dichloride) recorded an intermediate'96 h LC 50 value of 0.07 ppm. It was noticed that lethal concentrations of pesticides reduced as a function of time.The changes in nutritional quality and toxicity effect of the pesticides will pose a greater danger to humans upon continuous consumption of such fish. This study focuses on toxic effects of some pesticides on cat fish.

Keywords: Clarias gariepinus Nutritive value Pesticides Proximate composition
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