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Analysis of Land Characteristics (Soil and Climate) for Nutmeg Suitability Evaluation (Myristica fragrans Houtt) in The Banda Naire Island of Central Maluku Districts
Ahmad Basir¹, Sumbangan Baja², Christianto Lopulisa2 and Rismaneswati2*
1Post Graduate School, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia
2Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
*Corresponding author

Nutmeg plant (Myristica fragrans Houtt) is a native Indonesian originating spice plant, from Banda Islands Maluku, which until now has not only been developed in Indonesia but has spread to foreign countries including Granada, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The Research purpose of this study was to determine the land characteristics (soil and climate) in Banda islands. This study used a qualitative quantitative mix analysis. Quantitative analysis is used in determining the correlation between land characteristics (soil and climate) and nutmeg production in each region. Determination of land characteristics (soil and climate) that have a significant effect using regression analysis. The Next is determination of correlation between land index (storie method) and nutmeg production. The survey was carried out in four main nutmeg producing regions on Banda island, namely, Rajawali village (04 ° 30'33.5 "S - 129 ° 54'15.9" E), Tanah Rata village (04 ° 30'52.79 "S - 129 ° 54'17.30 "E), Pancabi village (04 ° 32'56.86" S - 129 ° 54'08.42 "E) and Walang village (04 ° 32'56.6" S - 129 ° 53'48.6 "E).The from supporting factors main high production of nutmeg in Banda island is the soil moisture throughout the year constant, mineral content of easily decayed is high (Plagioclase (45-65%), C-organic or> 2%, CEC> 16 cmol (+) kg , KB 84%, slope (8-15%), pH H2O (6.3 - 6.7), soil drainage, no flooding (FO), rough fragments 5 - 10%, depth of soil (70 - 150 ), rainfall annual (2,406.56 mm / year), maximum temperature (31,01),degree day (9,969.09 ° C) and Humidity Index (2.74). Based on the results of the land index calculation with (method storie) obtained Ic (81.66) and Rc (90.16) entered land suitability class very well (S1), and this was related to high nutmeg productivity.

Keywords: Banda Naire Evaluation Land characteristic Nutmeg suitability
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