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Biodiversity and Systematic Checklist of Moth Caterpillars, Belonging to Family Crambidae, Erebidae and Tortricidae, Affecting Host Crops and Plant Species in Jammu & Kashmir State (India)
Ramesh Chander Bhagat*
O. Box No. 1250, G.P.O., Residency Road, Srinagar, Kashmir -190001, Jammu & Kashmir, India
*Corresponding author

In this paper, a total of 55 species of 43 genera of moth caterpillars, covering three super- families, including 3 families and 9 families, affecting more than 59 species of host crops and plant species, has been dealt with. The number of various species, under different families and sub-families of caterpillars are: Crambidae-Crambinae (2 spp.), Evergestinae (2 spp.), Glaphyriinae (1 sp.), Pyraustinae (6 spp.) and Spilomelinae (5 spp.); Erebidae- Aractiinae (10 spp.) and Lymantriinae (12 spp.); Tortricidae- Olethreutinae (8 spp.) and Tortricinae (9 spp.). The highest number of caterpillar species i.e., 21, has been found to be affecting 28 spp. of medicinal/ aromatic plants. This is followed by 12 spp., damaging fruit trees / crops (berry, drupaceous, pome), with 10 spp. on apple trees / crops. 9 spp. of caterpillar are associated with mulberry plantations (Morus). It is followed by a total of 6 spp. each, damaging food crops, vegetable crops and animal fodder / forage. 3 spp. of caterpillars are known to damage wood / timber trees, 2 spp. each affect aquatic weed, oil seed crop and ornamental plants, 1 sp. feeding on dye-yielding plant. An up-to- date systematic checklist of moth caterpillar species associated with crops and plant species, has been provided. Apart from this, species diversity of moth caterpillars on host / food plants, has been given.

Keywords: Checklist,Diversity,Host crops / plants,Moth caterpillars
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Bhagat, R. C., 2018. Biodiversity and systematic checklist of moth caterpillars, belonging to Family Crambidae, Erebidae and Tortricidae, affecting host crops and plant species in Jammu & Kashmir State (India).Int.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 5(11): 56-67. doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2018.511.006
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