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Pathological Studies on Infertility in Bucks as a Sign to Some    Bacterial Infection
Rehab E. Mowafy1, Hend M. Megahed2 and Amal S. El Oksh3
1Pathology Department, Animal Health Research Institute (Sharkia Branch), Giza, Egypt
2Pharmacology Department, Animal Health Research Institute (Sharkia Branch), Giza, Egypt
3Bacteriology Department, RLQP, Animal Health Research Institute (Sharkia Branch), Giza, Egypt
*Corresponding author

A total of 26.7% Pasteurella multocida and 36.7% Staphylococcus species were isolated from thirty naturally infected rabbit cases in the Egyptian field for a year. All P. multocida isolates identified as serogroups A and 36.4% were S. aureus. Using multiplex PCR upon different isolates, the putative virulence genes (nanB) were detected in 83.3% of P. multocida isolates, while (fnbB, seb) genes were detected in 90% and 100% of staphylococci isolates, respectively. The isolated pathogens used to induce an organized experimental study which goal for evaluation the breeding status and fertility of thirty bucks either post recovery or chronic diseased infected cases in both treated and non treated groups, samples were collected at 35 and 45 days post infection (PI). Blood samples were collected for CBC, testosterone hormone, superoxide dismutase and glutathione analysis. Semen samples were collected and examined microscopically. Brief pathological examination for testis, prostate, liver, lungs and kidneys, were achieved microscopically and computerized by using Image analysis software program for the testis slides image. Johnson score analysis was done to examine and evaluate the efficacy of testis for spermatogenesis. Moreover we evaluated the antimicrobial sensitivity/resistance of bacteria in bucks which given variable results. Additionally, the susceptibility of P. multocida and S. aureus to (penicillin and gentamicin), respectively indicates that they remain reliable choices for preventing and treating the post infection infertility.

Keywords: Bucks Infertility,Pasteurella multocida,Resistant bacteria,Staphylococcus aureus
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Mowafy, R. E., Megahed, H. M., El Oksh, A. S., 2018. Pathological studies on infertility in bucks as a sign to some bacterial infection.Int.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 5(11): 7-33. doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2018.511.002
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