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Anomalies Occurring in Allium L. Species by the Effect of Environmental Conditions
R. Hasanov* and Z. İ. Akparov
Genetic Resources Institute of ANAS, Azadlıq Ave., 155, Baku AZ 1106, Azerbaijan
*Corresponding author

Various anomalies occurring in the generative and vegetative organs have been recorded due to the environmental factors during both the agro-cultivated introduction and in natural areas of Allium L. species in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the environmentally-friendly environment, it was also observed the bulbils in the flowering umbels of some species of A. waldsteinii Don. Anomalies, such as facsiation (a malformation of plant stems commonly manifested as enlargement and flattening as if several stems were fused), deformation (change of shape), and prolification (replacement of one organ with other) in the structural elements of the flowers of agriculturally introduced varieties (A. waldsteinii Don., A. erubescens C. Koch, A. fuscoviolaceum Fom., A. viride Grossh.) have occurred. Prolification occurred in the onion bulb (A. cepa L.) in the local Khachmaz type, the bulbil germination in umbel in the local Jalilabad variety  of garlic (A. sativum L.) has been recorded.

Keywords: Anomaly,Deformation,Fasciation,Generative,Prolification,Vegetative
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