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Evaluation of the Controlled Felling and Estimation of the Areas Impacted by the Timber Harvesting Operation at the Ngoua II Forest Exploitation Unit (UFE) in Southern Congo
Pierre Mbete 1, 2*,Leckoudnzou Ayessa 1,2 and Clement Sosthène Oko1, 2
1Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et de Foresterie (ENSAF), République du Congo
2Laboratoire de Géomatique et  Ecologie Tropicale Appliquée, Université Marien N’gouabi (UMNG),         BP. 69, Brazzaville, République du Congo
*Corresponding author

The Ngoua II Forest Exploitation Unit is located in southern Congo and more specifically in the chaillu massif. Controlled logging in Congolese forests is nowadays an administrative obligation because of forest management in order to manage them rationally and sustainably in the Republic of Congo. In our case Sapelli was found to be 5596 feet, and Mukulungu at 1317 feet, the other species had low proportions. The actual production of the annual felling was centered on 10 species, but two species were not felled of which: Acajou and Ayous. The projected volume of 148732.48 m3 and at the end of the felling it was realized a net volume of 17597.61 m3 is a difference of 131134.87m3. To achieve this volume, four (4) logging companies were monitored and the result of the controlled felling showed that on five felling operations, only the safety cut was achieved (100%) under good conditions, followed by the operation of the cutting line (99%) and sapwood cutting (97%), finally the wood hinge (61%) and the directional notch (63%) had acceptable proportions. An average surface area per foot damage of 863.31m² was observed. Distribution of the area impacted by species during the felling of trees and the shortening of forest roads to give an average surface area of 9849.69 m². Efforts must be made by the companies of the place to reduce the defects of the tree felling in order to increase the material yield of the companies in the Congo.

Keywords: Forest cover,Safety cutting,Timber damage,Tree felling
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