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Comparison of Length-Weight Relationship of Bombay Duck (Harpadon nehereus) between Juata and Amal
Amrullah Taqwa1, Syamsu Alam Ali2, M. Natsir Nessa2 and Andi Niartiningsih2
1Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery Borneo University, Tarakan, Indonesia
2Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia
*Corresponding author

The length-weight relationship of Harpadon nehereus was analyzed. Samples were collected from November 2016 to January 2017, in Juata and Amal at Tarakan, North Borneo, Indonesia. The total length measured using a ruler scale 1mm. The total weight measured using a digital platform scales with an accuracy of 1 gr. The length-weight equation, based on 600 unsexed individuals, was W = 0.006 * L2.59 at Juata and W = 0.005 * L3.00 at Amal where W is the total weight (g) and L is the total length (cm).  In general the size of fish in Juata is greater than fish in Amal, but fish in Amal are with more fat. The t-test results in both sites showed that Nomei growth was isometric (α = 0.05).  A coefficient of determination value of the length-weight relationship in Juata and Amal has 0.93 and 0.88 respectively.

Keywords: Commercial fish,Harpadon nehereus,Length-weight relationship
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Taqwa, A., Ali, S. A., Nessa, M. N., Niartiningsih, A., 2018. Comparison of length-weight relationship of Bombay duck (Harpadon nehereus) between Juata and Amal.Int.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 5(8): 11-14. doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2018.508.002