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Effect of Malted Cereals on the Sugar Content of Sorghum Gruel
P.S. Awodi*, A. B. Ella, G. B. Asaar and T. J. Tivkaa
Department of Science Laboratory Technology, Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, Nigeria
*Corresponding author

Gruel is an unfermented non-alcoholic beverage produced from sorghum grains. Malted cereals (rice, sorghum and maize) were separately used to liquefy sorghum gruel produced under the same conditions. The sugar content of the three samples of sorghum gruel and the sugar content of the hydrolysate of raw sorghum mash hydrolyzed by the malted cereals were assessed. In vitro digestibility of the gruel samples as well as the organoleptic qualities of the gruel samples were evaluated. The results of the sugar analysis of the gruel samples are; 1.31, 1.07 and 1.03 (mg/mL) for the gruel liquefied by malted rice, malted sorghum and malted maize respectively. The gruel starch digestion rate was fastest in the gruel liquefied by malted sorghum at one hour followed by the gruel sample liquefied by malted rice and then gruel liquefied by malted maize. The results of the organoleptic qualities showed that the gruel liquefied by malted rice did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) in taste from gruel liquefied by malted sorghum, but there is significant difference (P < 0.05) between gruel liquefied by malted maize and the gruel liquefied by malted rice. Due to the rising cost of sugar and its effect on diabetic patients, we conclude that the application of malted cereals, especially malted rice, in gruel production is not only economical, but value for those seeking for low sugar diet.

Keywords: Glucose, Gruel, Hydrolysate, Liquefication, Malt
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