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Distribution and Ecobiological Research of Vetch (Vicia L.) Species in Azerbaijan
K. V. Asadova* and A. M. Asgarov
Genetic Resources ─░nstitute of ANAS, Azadlig Ave. 155, Baku, AZ1106, Azerbaijan
*Corresponding author

In this article was presented the results of seed samples and about 200 herbarium specimens of 17 vetch species collected on 36 routes from different regions of Azerbaijan in 2015-2017, distribution based on their descriptive data, evaluation based on morphological and ecological indicators. In the study, first main cluster is divided to 12 groups: V. tenuifolia subsp. variabilis (Z02, Z7, E8), which  belongs to subgenus Cracca (according to Radghi, Fedchenko); V. narbonensis (K20)- which belongs to section Faba, V. villosa (Z3), V. sativa subsp. sativa (Q2, K14, A1-1) - to section Vicia, V. lutea (C4, K18), V. pannonica (Z4) – to section Hypechusa and V. abbreviata (Z11)- to section Atossa (according to Kupicha) and the fourth main cluster which is related to 10 samples.

Keywords: Cluster analysis, DIVA-GIS, Ecological indicators, Vetch species
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