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Study on the Population Structure and Community Characteristics of Phoebe Nees and Machilus Nees Plants in Zigui Country, Hubei Province, China
Xinru He, Bing Sun, Chengshi Huang, Sijia Zhu and Die Hu*
Germplasm Resources Evaluation and Innovation Center of Phoebe, Yangtze University,Jingzhou-434025, Hubei, China
*Corresponding author

In order to provide better references for the protection and development of Phoebe and Machilus plants germplasm resources, community ecology method was used to investigate the Phoebe and Machilus community in Zigui Country, Hubei Province. The distribution of the species, the number of resources and the habitat conditions were recorded, the community characteristics and the impact of different factors on the Phoebe and Machilus community were analyzed, and the correlation rules between the Phoebe and Machilus community and the living environment were revealed. The results showed that the populations of P. chinensis and Machilus pauhoi were significantly more than those of P. zhennan and M. ichangensis, the community structure was more complete and the potential for development was better. The flora composition of Phoebe and Machilus community in Zigui Country was relatively complex, its flora was diverse and abundant, its dominant population was prominent, and the genera of its families were relatively dispersed with some natural regeneration ability. Phoebe and Machilus distribution from the point of view, when the slope was 20°, Phoebe and Machilus distribution was the most ideal slope. In the survey area, the predominance was of angiosperms, especially dicotyledons. The ferns and gymnosperms were relatively poor.

Keywords: Community characteristics,Machilus species,Phoebe species,Plant population,Zigui Country
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