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Diversity of Noctuid Caterpillars belonging to Subfamily Amphipyrinae, Catocalinae, Cuculiinae, Heliothinae, Noctuinae and Plusiinae on Host Crops/Plants of Jammu & Kashmir State (India)
Ramesh Chander Bhagat*
P.O. Box No. 1250, G.P.O, Residency Road, Srinagar, Kashmir-190001, J & K, India
*Corresponding author

This paper deals with a total of 22 species of 14 genera, belonging to noctuid moth caterpillars, under subfamily Amphipyrinae (2 spp.), Catocalinae (1sp.), Cuculiinae (3 spp.), Heliothinae (2 spp.), Noctuinae (8 spp.) and Plusiinae (6 spp.). These noctuid species have been found to be feeding on 56 spp. of agricultural crops, economically important plants and water weed. Of the total caterpillar species, under 6 sub-families, 14 spp. of various sub-families, excepting Cuculiinae, are associated with different agricultural crops. This accounts for 63.63% of noctuid-fauna studied. The highest number of caterpillar species i.e. 13 (Cuculines, Heliothines, Noctuines and Plusiines), feed on 28 spp. of medicinal / aromatic plants. This is followed by8 spp. of noctuids, devouring vegetable crops (9 spp.). 6 spp. of caterpillars are associated with 4 spp. of cereal / food crops, 4 spp. with legumes (5spp.), 3 spp. feeding fodder crops (3 spp.), 2 spp. each associated with fruit crop/tree (2 spp.), ornamental plants (2 spp.) and rape seed, and 1 sp. each of caterpillar feeding on mulberry and common water hyacinth, belonging to different subfamilies of noctuid moths. An up-to-date systematic Checklist of noctuids, associated with crops and plant species, has been provided. Besides, species diversity of noctuid-fauna on host crops/ plants, has been included.

Keywords: Noctuid moth caterpillars,Diversity,Host crops/ plants
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