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The Prevalence Study of Viral Hepatitis in AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf Province
Ruaa Sheltagh Nile*, Doaa Amer Kadhim and Mohammed Abduaali Mohsin
Laboratory Investigation Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Kufa, Iraq
*Corresponding author

This study was conducted to detect the prevalence of Hepatitis C virus and Hepatitis B virus of infected Patients. The study was carried out in the period from January (2016) to December (2016). The study included 420 hepatitis C and B virus suspected patients from Al-Hakeem Hospital, AL-Sader Hospital and Middle Euphrates Hospital in Al-Najaf Province with gender and age ranged from (<10-70) years old from both sexes. Patients group was found to be 120 patients infected with Hepatitis represented47 Hepatitis C and 73 Hepatitis B the results of the study showed that the highest rate of infection was in HBV. Our study found the male infected with hepatitis(70.7%) and female infected with hepatitis (29.2%) so the male more infection for hepatitis then female, also we found the patients children under <10 years less infected with hepatitis and more age infected with hepatitis 20-29 and followed by age30-39 and 40-49.

Keywords: Hepatitis C and B,Viral hepatitis
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