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Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Indirect Organogenesis of Trichosanthes cucumerina L.
M. Muthuvel*, M. Vigneswaran and N. Jayabalan
Department of Botany, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli – 620 024, Tamil Nadu, India
*Corresponding author

The snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina L.) is an important cucurbit reported for its medicinal value, therapeutic potential, and as a popular delicacy (especially in Indian cuisine). Being nutritive and desirous, it has potential to feed the nations and addresses their nutritional security and economic prosperity. The plant is usually vegetatively propagated and cultivated for fruits during summer and rainy seasons. The limited supply of planting material, limits cultivation and production. The present study was in anticipation for callus induction and indirect organogenesis from leaf and internode explants of T. cucumerina. In this study, the MS medium supplemented with 2.5 mg/L BA and 2.5 mg/L 2iP was found to be most efficient for callus induction, followed by 2.0 mg/L 2,4-D and 1.5 mg/L Kin. The embryogenic callus was developed by sub-culturing of leaf and inter node callus in MS medium supplemented with 2iP and Kin in combination with BAP ranging from 1.0 – 2.0 mg/L. Through indirect organogenesis, the leaf and inter node explants have responded to produce true-to-type plants for propagation. It was observed that MS supplemented with 1.5 mg/L 2iP was efficient for shoot proliferation, and 1.5 mg/L NAA was found more efficient for root development. The rooted plantlets were successfully acclimatized in sand, soil and vermiculite and subsequently established in the field with 85% survival.

Keywords: Indirect organogenesis, Internode, Leaf, Trichosanthes cucumerina
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Muthuvel, M., Vigneswaran, M., Jayabalan, N., 2017. Effect of plant growth regulators on indirect organogenesis of Trichosanthes cucumerina L.Int.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 4(12): 125-135. doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2017.412.011