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Optimization of Community Empowerment in Development of Agriculture Based on Local Potential in Indonesia
Lecturer at The High School of Agricultural Sciences, YAPIM Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia                             
*Corresponding author

This type of research is a qualitative phenomenological approach through, the results showed that the agricultural sector has an important and strategic role in national development. These roles include: increasing the acceptance of foreign countries, the provision of employment, obtaining the value added and competitiveness, the fulfillment of the needs of domestic consumption, industrial raw material within the country as well as the optimization of the management of natural resources in a sustainable way. This is shown by the magnitude of the contribution of the agricultural sector against gross domestic product (GDP), especially during the economic crisis in Indonesia, the only sector that is becoming the rescuer Indonesia's economy in the year 1997-1998 is just the agribusiness sector, where agribusiness has a positive growth. The efforts of the handling of agricultural development will be realized in infrastructure and human resource support are met, it would be able to walk when supported by public policies that focus on agriculture.

Keywords: Agribusiness,Community empowerment,Natural resources,Sustainable development
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