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Bioecological and Agrocultural Properties of Ranunculus L. in the Flora of Azerbaijan
T.M. Akbari*
PhD Student, Institute of Botany of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (Baku), Azerbaijan
*Corresponding author

In this article, the results of agricultural and bioecological analysis of Ranunculus genus species are described. Our researches were conducted on different ecological conditions on plants having different areas. We proposed the taxonomy of Ranunculus in Azerbaijan on the basis of division by Ranunkier who firstly proposed life forms of plants in 1884. According to this division, 6 species R. cornutus, R. muricatus, R. ophioglossofolius, R. scleratus, R. arvensis, R. chius are terophytes, the rest are hemicripthophytes.12.5% of researched species are found in steppes, 41.67% in lower and middle mountainous layers, 8.33% in middle and high layers, 25% in subalpine and alpine, 12.5% in high layers. The agricultural applications of Ranunculus species related with their medical importance, feed plant and application as decorative plants.

Keywords: Azerbaijan,Bioecological traits,Medical herbs,Ranunculus,
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