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Leaf Anatomical Studies of Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.
M. P. Sivasankari1* and A. Sankaravadivoo2
 1Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Sri Meenakshi Government Arts College for Women, Madurai- 625 002, Tamil Nadu, India
2Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Botany, Government Arts College, Coimbatore- 641 018, Tamil Nadu, India
*Corresponding author

The present investigation has been carried out to determine the leaf anatomical features of Ziziphus mauritiana belonging to the family Rhamnaceae. This plant is used for the treatment of different diseases and ailments of human beings. Its leaves, in particular are useful in the treatment of liver diseases, wounds, swelling and fever. Z. mauritiana shows midrib containing collateral vascular bundles. The lamina possesses reticulate venation with vein islets and well defined short and thick vein terminations. Calcium oxalate crystals are abundantly distributed both in leaf and leaf lamina. The internal structure shows that the cortex was represented with outer zone of collenchyma cells and inner zone of thin walled compactly arranged parenchyma cells. The petiole contains tannin and some cells are dilated with mucilage containing idioblast.

Keywords: Calcium oxalate crystals, Leaf anatomy, Tannin , Ziziphus mauritiana
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