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Moringa oleifera: A Miracle Multipurpose Potential Plant in Health Management and Climate Change Mitigation from Bahraich (UP) India - An Overview
T.P. Mall* and S.C. Tripathi
Postgraduate Department of Botany, Kisan PG College, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh-271 801, Indi0061
*Corresponding author

Moringa oleifera known as “horseradish tree” or “drumstick tree”, native to India, is one of the best useful tree and with an enormous amount of benefits in the world. Numerous research reports have appeared in different national and international scientific journals by studying its nutritional and medicinal properties of Moringa over the past decades. Different reports show that due to its multipurpose uses Moringa tree has recently got attention in different countries. Moringa oleifera is a tree that is sometimes called a “Miracle Tree” and “Super food” because of all its parts are used for nutritional and pharmacological properties. Moringa is a very valuable food tree which is highly nutritive, grows very fast, drought resistant and even beyond food it serves many benefits in developing countries such as having an ability to be used for some crafts due to being a tree and also due to cleaning of water it is one of the best useful tree. The Moringa tree can also play an important role in soil and water conservation and mitigating climate change. This study provides a brief overview about multipurpose uses of Moringa oleifera tree and its implication for climate change mitigation.

Keywords: Climate change mitigation, Medicinal use, Moringa oleifera, Multipurpose, Nutrient content
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