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Ethnobotanical Investigation and Collection of the Local Maize (Zea mays L.) Varieties Produced in Benin
Z. Bonou-gbo*, G. Djedatin, A. Dansi, I. Dossou-Aminon, C. T. Odjo, W. Djengue and K. Kombate
Laboratory of Biotechnology, Genetic Resources and Plant and Animal Breeding (BIORAVE), Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Dassa, National University of Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics, PO Box P143, Dassa, Benin
*Corresponding author

Although maize is an economic crop among agroecological zones in Benin, there is a limited information on its varietal diversity, production constraints and ethnobotanical knowledge. To fill this gap, ethnobotanical survey was conducted among 51 communities from 22 ethnic groups randomly selected from 11 departments in Benin using participatory rural appraisal. A total of 161 accession names of maize were recorded and collected from the study area. Results of the study showed a strong correlation between the age of the producers and the number of varieties produced. Similarly, there was a relationship between total maize yield produced and size of the farm cultivated. In the North, maize varieties are classified based on seed color or maturity period, while in the South plant morphology and origin are mostly used. Across ethnic groups, variety preference criteria depended on specific production constraints and its socio-cultural importance. Based on the perceived agronomic traits of the varieties reported by farmers, collected samples were clustered into four groups of complementary characteristics that are of high importance for maize breeding in Benin.

Keywords: Diversity Maize varieties Production constraint Yield
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