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Agro-morphological and Molecular Characterization of Sorghum (Sorghum vulgare L.) for Water Stress Tolerance
Ismael A. Khatab1, A. A. El-Mouhamady 2*, H.M. Abdel-Rahman2, Mona A. Farid1 I.S. El-Demardash2
1Department of Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, 33516, Egypt
2Genetics and Cytology Department , Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Division, National Research Centre, 33 El Buhouth ST., 12622, Dokki , Giza, Egypt
*Corresponding author

The present investigation was designed to study the genetic component in 23 entries of sorghum (eight parents and 15 their cross) using line × tester design under water stress. Moreover, to assess genetic diversity and find marker(s) that could be related to drought tolerance. Genotypes (PI534175), (CD550190), (CPI456765 × PI534175), (CP1987656 × PI534175), (Dorado × PI534175) (CPI456765 × CD550190), (CP1987656 × CD550190) and (Hybrid Shadwell 2 × CD550190) were the best under water deficit conditions compared with the control for most evaluated genetic parameters for important traits. Genetic diversity among selected 11 sorghum entries (8 parents and the best three crosses) were evaluated using eleven primers (six for RAPD and six for SRAP). Fifty and thirty two total bands were detected for SRAP and RAPD whereas, 27 and 29 were polymorphic respectively. Unfortunately, from RAPD primers the banding patterns could not be able to generate any marker linked to water stress among the parents and their hybrids. Moreover, SRAP primers generated polymorphic bands, ranged between 20.60% (primer me1+em3), with the lowest band number (five bands only) to 80.0% for (primer me2+em3), generated the highest band number (11 bands), which generate specific band with size 470 bp in parental genotypes (CPI456765) and (CD550190) which could be transmuted to the hybrids (CPI456765 × CD550190) and (Hybrid Shadwell2 × CD550190). This band could be considered as linked to hybrid vigor and drought stress tolerance. Phylogenetic tree using SRAP divided the tolerant parents and their hybrid in closed clusters.

Keywords: Heterosis,Sorghum valgare,Water stress
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