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Arsenic and It’s Adjuvantic Role on Oxidative Stress in Animals: A Brief Overview
Arup Giri, Vijay K. Bharti*, Kunzes Angmo, Sahil Kalia, Prince Vivek and Bhuvnesh Kumar
Arup Giri, Vijay K. Bharti*, Kunzes Angmo, Sahil Kalia, Prince Vivek and Bhuvnesh Kumar
*Corresponding author

Arsenic (As) exposure is a global public health problem because of its association with various cancers and numerous other pathological effects, and millions of people worldwide are exposed to As on a regular basis mainly through drinking water. Increasing lines of evidence indicate that As may adversely affect the antioxidant defense system, but its specific mechanism to abrupt the antioxidant defense system are poorly understood. Therefore, we conducted a literature search of As and its oxidative stress-related effects associated with As exposure and summarized the known oxidative disorders of As in humans and laboratory animals. Overall, the review indicates that chronic exposure to As has the potential to impair the antioxidant system which could lead to increased risk of disorders and chronic diseases, including various cancers. Further investigation, particularly in humans, is needed to better understand the relationship between As exposure and the development of disease as well as the proper mechanism.

Keywords: Acute exposure,Antioxidant defense system,Chronic exposure,Inorganic and organic arsenic,Oxidative molecules,Oxidative stress
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Giri, A., Bharti, V. K., Angmo, K., Kalia, S., Vivek, P., Kumar, B., 2016. Arsenic and it’s adjuvantic role on oxidative stress in animals: A brief overviewInt.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 3(12): 105-114. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2016.312.013
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