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Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Dioscorea japonica Germplasm in China Using Inter-simple Sequence Repeat Markers
Jinping Wu, Zili Ding, Zhenbiao Jiao, Leifu Chen, Zhengming Qiu and Fengling Guo*
Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan 430064, China
*Corresponding author

Yams (Dioscorea spp.) are widely cultivated in China, with many landraces maintained by local farmers. However, little is known about their diversity or species identity. In this study, inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs) were used to determine genetic diversity within 64 yam landraces from 12 provinces of China. A total of 45 bands were amplified with five ISSR primers, of which 40 (88.89%) were polymorphic, suggesting a high level of polymorphism. Moreover, genetic diversity, estimated using Shannon’ index, was 0.3702, indicating relatively high genetic variation. A dendrogram of within-group linkage subsequently divided the 64 cultivars into three main clusters. Overall, the results suggest that these Chinese yam landraces are a valuable source of genes for future yam breeding programs

Keywords: Chinese yam,Dioscorea species,Genetic diversity,Inter-simple sequence repeats
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Wu, J., Ding, Z., Jiao, Z., Chen, L., Qiu, Z., Guo, F., 2016. Analysis of genetic diversity of Dioscorea japonica germplasm in China using inter-simple sequence repeat markers.Int.J.Curr.Res.Biosci.Plantbiol. 3(11): 36-42. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.20546/ijcrbp.2016.311.006