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The Socio Economic and Environmental Impacts of Firewood Exploitation from the Ndjamena Supply Basin as Wood Energy (Chad)
Tchobsala*, Ibrahim Adamou and Kebeyei Noé
Biodiversity Laboratory and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Science Department of Biology Science, The University of Ngaoundéré, P.O. Box 454 Ngaoundéré, Cameroon
*Corresponding author

This research aims to examining: i) the domestic energy source used by local population, ii) the causes and appropriate moment of firewood exploitation, iii) the impact of firewood exploitation on the floristic composition and structure and ecological characterization of the vegetation, iv) look for ways and means of cogestion for a development plan for firewood exploitation The socio economic surveys were carried out with the help of 210 people some different market selected. The floristic note were achieved by the transect method. The experimental devise is a split plot with 4 factors (formation of vegetation) 3 processing’s (particles) and 3 sites (villages) in each village. 12 portions of 50m × 50m were delimited and located with the help of some stakes for chest height. The result pointed out that agriculture (95.83%) and the need in firewood (52.83±23.93) are the mains causes of firewood exploitation. The drop in vegetation and fall in forestry non woody species product (75.8%) and the temperature increase (74.0%) were the consequence of exploitation of firewood. The variety indices of the floristic resources are higher in virgin forest than in gallery forest but lower in shrub savannahs where deforestation is considerable. The vegetation structure was an “L” form with a good regeneration of new growing trees. A development plan was set up for a sustainable management of the platform.

Keywords: Biodiversity,Environmental impact,Exploitation,Firewood,Joint management
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