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Sodium Taurocholate as Novel Additive: A Right Choice for Ornamental Fish Feed
PhD Scholar, Fish Genetics and Biotechnology Division, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai, India
*Corresponding author

The rearing of ornamental fishes is a common custom among the many people due to their coloration. Though many ornamental fishes are colorful in nature, when it comes to artificial tanks, they lose their bright coloration than that of wild. Despite many pigments are being a part of the ornamental feed for many years, the capacity of animals to acquire coloration depends on the increase in the digestion, absorption and metabolism of them. Supplementing pigments in the diet doesn’t mean fish can be attained coloration and it depends on the presence of some dietary factors. The addition of such factors in the diet would influence the utilization of pigments in the animals. Sodium taurocholate is a novel additive which promotes the utilization of dietary carotenoids to the fish discussed in this article.

Keywords: Additive,Ornamental fish feed,Sodium taurocholate
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