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Isolation of Lipid Producing Organisms and Their Properties as Biofuel
Sanskruti Mane and Savanta V. Raut*
Department of Microbiology, Bhavan’s College, Munshi Nagar, Andheri [W], Mumbai-40 0058, India
*Corresponding author

The research project was performed to isolate single cell oil producing organisms and study its application for production of biofuel. Microorganisms were isolated from natural samples like fertile soil, lake water from two different places, mangrove soil, and sewage. The lipid content of cells was predicted using Sudan IV stain. Two isolates were selected for GC-MS for FAME analysis of both samples out of which one of the isolate (PDA 1) showed presence of palmitic acid (C16: 0) (2.72%) in results obtained. In this work, organic (peptone) and inorganic (NH4Cl) nitrogen sources were evaluated along with glucose as carbon source for isolate PDA 1. Isolate PDA 1 was identified to be Enterobacter asburiae. It was observed that complex organic nitrogen source like peptone showed more amount of lipid production. Cetane number was calculated considering palmitic acid composition. By using a more suitable medium for isolation of oleaginous microorganisms more amount of lipid production can be obtained and could have application for production of biofuel if their fatty acid composition shows values significant for use as biofuel.

Keywords: Biofuel,Enterobacter asburiae,Fatty acids,Lipid production,Oleaginous microorganisms,Sudan IV stain,Transesterification
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