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Nutrition Care Process and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Review
Sanjeev Kumar Mishra1,2*, Karuna Singh3 and Rajul Kumar Gupta4
1Joint Director (Med & Health), Integrated HQ of MoD (Army), DGIS, DGIS Enclave, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Near Shankar Vihar, New Delhi – 110 010, India

2Ph.D. Scholar, Amity Institute of Food Technology, Amity University, Sector 125, Noida – 201 303, UP, India
3Amity Institute of Food Technology, Amity University, Sector 125, Noida – 201 303, UP, India
4Director Armed Forces Medical Services (Health), DG3A, Room NO 4A, M Block, O/o DGAFMS, Church Road, New Delhi – 110001, India
*Corresponding author

The nutrition care process (NCP) is a four-step approach to nutrition problem solving and care that is designed to guide and illuminate the work of the professionals. NCP model provides a consistent structure and framework for food and nutrition professionals to use while delivering nutrition care. A standardized language in form of International Dietetic and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) has been in place to communicate, document and evaluate the efficacy of nutrition care and may translate into improved clinical outcomes. Implementation of the NCP helps to generate comparative data and information relating to the impact of nutrition interventions to resolve nutrition problems. Malnutrition is one of the important features of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and it occurs in varying degrees depending on stage of CKD. Various studies have supported the implementation of a systematic approach to patient care in line with NCP and have shown improvement in dietary intake and nutritional status among CKD patients. Providing individualised nutritional counselling improves many components of quality of life prior to dialysis treatment. The overall goal of implementing NCP among CKD patients is to match dietary intake with existing kidney function or renal replacement therapy while preventing nutritional deficiencies. Literature published between January 1985 and January 2016 in peer reviewed scientific journals were considered. Only full text articles in English were included. This review article attempts to highlight the important features of Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) and its potential application in chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Keywords: Chronic kidney disease,Dietetic and nutrition,Nutrition care process
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