International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology (IJCRBP)

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Aim & Scope

International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology ISSN: 2349-8072 (Print), ISSN: 2349-8080 (Online) is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with reputable academics and experts as members of its Editorial Board. The Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology aims to publish all the latest and outstanding research articles in the field. The journal is intended to publish high-quality articles, in English, in all areas of Biosciences and Botany. The journal publishes novel research and review articles in the fields of Biosciences-diversity, Ecology, Embryology, Physiology of Animals, Plants and Microorganisms, and their interactions; Agricultural Science, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Food Science, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Soil Biology and Waste management and other related aspects of biosciences.

The Plant Biology aims to publish research articles in Phycology, Mycology, Systematic Plant Biology, Biodiversity & Conservation, Cytology & Genetics, Ethnobotany, Economic Botany, Morphology and Physiology of Plants, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Palaeobotany, Phytogeography, Plant Tissue Culture, Phytochemistry; Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology of Medicinal Plants, Plant-animal, Plant-plant & Plant-microbe interactions, Plant breeding and Botanically related areas.

Subject areas suitable for publications include:

Agricultural Sciences

•Agricultural Economics •Agricultural Engineering •Agricultural Extension •Agronomy •Water Resource Management •Agricultural Biotechnology •Agricultural Microbiology •Agricultural Botany •Soil Science •Organic Farming •Sustainable Agricultural Practices •Plant Breeding •Plant and Agricultural Technology •Entomology •Integrated Pest Management •Biological Pest Control •Crop Improvement •Horticulture •Plant Pathology •Weed Management •Forestry and All the Fields of Allied Agricultural Sciences.

Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Allied Sciences

•Animal Anatomy •Animal Breeding •Animal Nutrition •Animal Therapy •Veterinary Pathology •Fodder Crops •Veterinary Medicine •Livestock Production •Transgenics •Pet Animals •Vaccination •Aquaculture •Feed Science •Sericulture •Poultry Science


•Biochemistry •Bioresources •Biomedical Sciences •Bioinformatics •Chemical and Structural Biology Flora and Fauna •Genetics •Immunology •Cellular Microbiology •Medical Microbiology •Industrial Microbiology •Soil Microbiology •Microbial Genetics •Microbial Ecology •Biotechnology •Pharmacology •Cell Biology •Histology •Developmental Biology •Food Science •Nutrition and Dietetics •Natural Products •Genomics •Marine Biology •Molecular Biology •Parasitology •Pharmacogenomics •Physiology •Population Dynamics •Proteomics •Systems Biology •Zoology.

Ecology and Environmental Sciences

•Animal Behaviour •Biodiversity and Conservation •Biological Invasion •Biological Interaction •Climate Change •Carbon Sequestration •Ecosystem •Ecobiology •Environmental Biology •Ecotoxicology •Extreme Environment •Environmental Safety •Environmental Microbiology •Environmental Monitoring •Evolutionary Biology •Evolutionary Genetics •Pollution Studies •Population Biology •Vermitechnology •Waste Management

Health Science

•Medicine and Dentistry •Nursing and Health Professions •Pharmaceutical Science •Nutrition and Metabolism •Cancer Research and Experimental Oncology •Clinical Pathology and Forensic Medicine •Diabetes and Endocrinology •Infectious Diseases and Immunity •Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis •Neuroscience and Behavioral Health •Public Health and Epidemiology •Medical Case Studies •Medical Practice and Reviews

Plant Biology

•Angiosperm Taxonomy •Adaptation •Allelopathy in Plants •Biosystematics •Ethnobotany •Ethnopharmacology •Traditional Medicinal Plants •Plant Physiology •Plant Stress Biology •New Records of Flora •Plant Tissue Culture •Gene Transfer Studies •Plant Ecology •Economic Botany •Ecophysiology •Plant-microbe interactions •Mycology •Phycology •Lichens • Endemic and Endangered Plants •Embryology and Seed Science •Palaeobotany •Medicinal Botany, etc.

IJCRBP is designed for the prompt publication of peer-reviewed articles in all aspects of the subject. The journal articles will be accessible freely online.

All manuscripts are pre-reviewed by the Editor, and if appropriate, sent for blind peer review. Contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere, and are critically reviewed before they are published. Manuscripts submitted to the IJCRBP, are peer reviewed, initially reviewed for contents, suitability and technical aspects. A minimum of three reviewers related to subject is required for each manuscript. IJCRBP publishes original articles, short communications, letters to editor and reviews monthly.

IJCRBP is currently accepting manuscripts; you can submit your manuscripts to IJCRBP through online submission or by e-mail to: editorinchiefijcrbp@gmail.com [or] submit@ijcrbp.com

A manuscript number will be e-mailed to the corresponding author normally within 48 hours.